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passage or progress from one state to another.


Thank you for connecting to my virtual home. 

Ciao! I’m Jen and holistic health is my number one passion.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my journey in this online space, and for us to learn, practice, and GROW, together.

My mission is to help you to mindfully cultivate a life of presence and intention that aligns with your truth.

What is your truth? Who are you? This is the key question we all ask ourselves!

And, a holistic approach to answering that question is the force that feeds my passion. 

Holistic health is WHOLE living. It is not something that is isolated to a certain category or social status. Holistic Health is seeking to be HEALTHY in all aspects of your life: body, mind, spirit, relationships, home, finances, business and ethics. 

My background is like all of us having a human-being experience. I have tried things, studied things, done things, changed things, created things, become things, left things, brought things, moved things…all because I am curious. I am fully committed to personal development, and am grateful to be forever on the path towards deeper self-knowledge and inquiry.

The summary: I have recognized that I like to feel good as much as possible! Our health is truly the only wealth we have in this life.

Full disclosure: There was a  time when I did not think I deserved to be healthy, and hence why I now teach and share what has helped me to evolve into the woman I am today. We are all a work in progress and when we are vulnerable to actually feel that and not try to be “perfect” all the time, life changes and expands in big, beautiful ways.

I am an Experienced Yoga Alliance Certified 500 Hour Level Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Healer, Ayurvedic Consultant, and Essential Oil Educator. When working with myself or any other beating hearts I encounter, I find that one or all of these modalities can be appropriate to support a holistic health journey. In fact each “category” of my background compliments the other and like to approach my own practice and clients with what works for the now. Not the past, not the future. What works now. Tomorrow, that can always change.

Utilizing years of education, experience and practice within the traditions of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki & Ayurveda, my main mission is to encourage others tap into their natural state of inner peace and courage through self-care, self-empowerment and self-acceptance. I believe firmly in the power of the mind body connection. This union offers us the keys to fully embrace life’s possibilities in order to thrive. Because, I firmly believe, you really can Heal Thy Self.

Clear out the clutter that holds you up or weighs you down. There is nothing more liberating than upgrading your life to the version you have always envisioned yourself living.


Made in New York, based in Tuscany. How did I get here?

Let’s start with the wellness side of things. I was galvanized by the physical aspects of yoga in 2001 after realizing that I suffered PTSD from witnessing September 11 in New York City. After that world-altering day, I became depressed, anxious and numb.

I threw myself into my work as a designer in the fashion industry and tried many avenues to feel better and heal or, simply ignore the core issues I was facing. I struggled with substance abuse and addiction. My answer randomly came one day when I stepped onto a yoga mat. For the first time I could remember in long time, I could find space between my thoughts. I then started to feel the space with my breath and my body. I grew stronger, physically, emotionally and mentally when I started to understand that I had covered up my happiness with fear and doubt. Through gently unraveling and polishing my body and mind, I began the healing process that changed me forever.

I became committed to living more well and learning how to do so. Yoga Studios, Ashrams, Retreat Centers, and especially, my own living room floor in Brooklyn, all became my laboratories for self-exploration.

Without a doubt, it was my yoga practice that propelled me towards significant personal transformation and devotion. I found a deeper curiosity and happiness that continues to inspire my evolution today.

Fast forward a few years ahead, I had the fortune to leap into owning a yoga studio in downtown Manhattan while I slowly shed my fast-paced fashion career. This decision complemented my studies in my first teacher training and the studio became a haven to experiment amongst various styles and expressions. I will always hold those moments, partners and students as very special and significant. The experience itself has been one of my greatest teachers.

Shortly after closing the studio in 2010 in surrender to the continuing economic crisis, I relocated to the Himalayas in India to continue my advanced yoga studies and complete my Reiki Master certification.

As both a teacher and student, I create a practice that invites space for profound body and mind awareness both on and off the mat. My goals are to teach and lead individuals to meet and listen to their unique inner teacher while learning to honor and trust those deeper feelings…the ones that allow us to create, transform, evolve and grow.

My work has been featured in Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine, OM Yoga, and I am a contributor to the Yoganonymous/Wanderlust and Elephant Journal online resources.

I teach and study within the lineage of Krishnamacharya, and have completed several teacher trainings in Classical, Restorative/Therapeutic Yoga, Prenatal, Anatomy, Breathing, Meditation and Reiki which span a handful of cities in the United States and India.

Along with offering 200/300 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Trainings and Continuing Education Programs, I am also the head of faculty at the Yi-Yuan International School of Yoga in Beijing, China.

My roots were planted and grown in New York City, and I have bloomed into a European lifestyle in Tuscany, from which half of my heritage originates. 

I work with clients and students in my adopted hometown of Florence [Firenze], Lucca, Pisa, Versilia and travel throughout Italy and the world to teach, train, share, heal, and empower others.

My passion for wellness encompasses a holistic healing and lifestyle approach that I love to share with both students and teachers alike.

I work with beginners, intermediates, well-seasoned yogis, professional and aspiring athletes from all backgrounds, those recovering from injuries, and those who are navigating minor or severe illness along with people in recovery from addiction – and, everyone in between, yes: humans!

We are all healing, everyday, in our own way – whether from minor or major experiences. 

My philosophy is that yoga is designed to offer an experience for anyone, and everyone – basically: the combination or individual practices of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Reiki will work for wherever you find yourself in life.

My teaching foundation is informed by many – including my fundamental teachers, to whom I am forever grateful: H.H. the Dalai Lama and Yogi Sivadas in India; Erich Schiffmann in California; Dr. David Frawley in New Mexico; Leslie Kaminoff, Jillian Pransky, and Carrie Parker-Gastelu, amongst all my other Big Apple influencers…notably, Sri Dharma Mittra and Elena Brower, all based in the NYC area.

Love and pranams to my students and fellow teachers, everywhere!

are you ready to create a new experience for yourself?

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