Integral (Whole) You are one to one mentoring sessions. We work together to create mindset shifts that will move you into a place of “choosing in” to life.

The principles you will learn are based on Vedic meditation and bioenergetic techniques guided by your chakras (your energy system). You will discover your ability, and what it takes, to embrace and live your dharma (true path and purpose).

Sessions take place at my studio in Firenze, Italy, or can be done from the comfort of your location via zoom (similar to skype).

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I’m very happy with the program because I did the first step to change my life and to open a new chapter for healthier and balanced regimes.



Mentoring Programs

It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.”



You want to feel more balanced, healthy, and focused in your life?

Do you want to start to take better care of yourself and do not know exactly how to begin?

This is a great place to get started.

This private breathwork and meditation session is designed for where you are personally, in this life moment.

We will work together to establish methods to help you create a new, focused, anchor within yourself.

Your session takes place online in Zoom (it’s similar to Skype).  I will send you a pre-meeting questionnaire and booking link so we can maximize our time together.

After the session, you will receive a recording and recommended actions via email so that you can take what you learn and apply it immediately.

Your Investment: € 195 / 60 minutes


You want to gain hold and realize the goals that have been eluding you, no matter how hard you try to make them happen?

Maybe it’s that promotion at work, getting more exercise, finding more balance with your relationships, or starting that business idea you have been talking about for years?

Or, it could be taking better care of yourself, or even becoming debt free.

This session can clear real blocks (which are energetic in nature) and allow you to realize your goal(s).

Together, we will clear the imprints of negativity that are unconsciously manifesting.

Your session will take place online in Zoom (similar to Skype), I will send you a pre-meeting self-evaluation form to complete, and a booking link to our meeting.

Your Investment: € 275 / 90 minutes


Do you want to permit yourself deeper spiritual support in order to realize your goals and intentions? You want to incorporate spirituality and natural rituals into your everyday life, but do not know how to begin?

I will help guide you towards some very approachable methods. In this private session, we look at your needs and life issues and create a plan that suits your goals. This plan will help you to gain an understanding of how a deeper connection to your own spirit energy affects every aspect of your life.

The conversation takes place online via zoom (similar to Skype), I will send you a link to your appointment booking. In order to maximize our time and serve you best, I will also send you a pre-session self-evaluation form to complete before our time together.

Your Investment: € 275 / 90 minutes



Thank you Jen for empowering me. I’m very grateful for your program.




I would love to work with from you, and if you would like to get started on own, personalized your healing path, please write to me in the contact form below.

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