Why I’ve chosen doTERRA

I was first introduced to essential oils when I was nineteen years old. My aunt and I were on holiday in Key West, Florida, and sharing a room at a bed and breakfast. When we first arrived to the space, she began misting the air with a small spray bottle and quickly moved onto spraying the bedsheets, pillows, and bathroom shower curtain. Entirely curious, I asked her what was that marvelous smell?

“It is my lavender oil spray. I mix lavender essential oil with water and use as a spray to freshen up a new space. I also use lavender to keep me calm and help me sleep.” she replied.

I was immediately captured by lavender’s beautiful aroma, and within the same day, I had found a local health food store where I procured my own bottle of lavender essential oil.

Since that day of discovery, and over the years, I expanded my essential oil repertoire to include other oils like lemon, orange, eucalyptus, marjoram, peppermint, and many others.

I use the oils in my yoga classes, in my Reiki healing sessions, in my homemade household cleaners, in my homemade natural room sprays, insect repellents, body creams, body scrubs, and also in my homemade meals.

Living naturally with essential oils has been a part of my life for over two decades now. Thus, it made sense that when I was presented with doTERRA’s product, I was immediately intrigued by high quality essential oils, and a company that empowers individuals, families and entire communities to take control of their health and wellbeing.
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“The groundwork of all happiness

is health.”


doTERRA: the Company

Founded in 2008 by experts in the Essential Oils business, doTERRA it is a privately held company led by a group of seven founders. Each of the seven owners personally funded the startup of the company in typical start up fashion: scaling back lifestyle habits, working without pay in the beginning, and taking out second mortgages on their homes.

Now, in 2017, doTERRA is the largest Essential Oil company in the world. It is THE company that all other natural companies, oils and beyond, look to as a business model. Their history and status is very important to me, and why I chose to partner with doTERRA as a wellness advocate. Because they are not dependent on reporting to Wall Street, this company truly has the interests of their customers, products and efficacy at the forefront of its mission.


doTERRA is family focused and pro-woman.

One of the founding members is a woman, and mothers and families are empowered to be all inclusive in the business model – be it welcoming children to meetings or conferences. As our lives get more and more busy, this aspect is also important to share as I resonate with this value system.

Family is of ultimate importance, and no matter what stage of life one is living at this moment: life and work or commitment balance is fundamental to being entirely healthy.


doTERRA gives back.

Healing Hands is doTERRA’s non-profit organization, and it’s funded by members, employees and the executives. Through donations from wellness advocates monthly orders, and company sponsored events, Healing Hands has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and has changed many lives in several countries.

In 2016, doTERRA Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers donated over $500K to Operation Underground Railroad through donations to the Healing Hands Foundation. Operation Underground Railroad, also known as OUR, is a non-profit organization with whom doTERRA has partnered to extricate as many children as possible out of sex trafficking.

These donations have also helped fund the construction of a facility in Thailand, with state-of-the-art technology to intercept trafficking before it happens.

We’re also supporting the victims’ aftercare. Some individuals receive care through Days for Girls, another organization with whom doTERRA is partnered, educating girls and women on women’s health and sustainable feminine hygiene.

Having helped over 640K girls and women to date, Days for Girls affords them the dignity and supplies to function in society during their cycle so they aren’t missing chances to learn and grow out of poverty.

Without sustainable solutions to manage their monthly cycle, women are abolished from society for the duration of their menstrual time every single month. 1 in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, 113 million adolescent girls in India, and 30% of girls from rural areas of Brazil will miss school this year without the help of Days for Girls.


doTERRA’s quality

The heart of doTERRA’s success is that they offer the highest quality, pure, and optimally-sourced essential oils. Their oils are sourced where they flourish, in prime soils where they are harvested at the right moment, and, distilled for the ideal amount of time at the perfect temperature. This is their process that leads to a high quality Essential Oil.

doTERRA also has exclusives with their growers all over the world, therefore their oils are exceptional. Their Source to You site is dedicated to providing information about the transparent sourcing and quality testing of every single essential oil they make.


doTERRA has stringent testing practices.

For transparent accountability, doTERRA created an internal company product quality standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG), which is also verified by third party labs.

CPTG® is a trademark; the standard is thorough, real and concrete. Stringent testing is completed throughout the entire production process (even monitoring soil quality) on EACH and EVERY liter of essential oil.

First, the basics are checked: sight, smell, taste, and touch. Testing is then completed to rule out the presence of any pesticides, extenders, and any manmade or natural contaminant, such as mold or fungus.

Each grower and location has their own specific laws and rules governing agriculture and collecting wild-crafted botanicals. And, if an oil fails the CPTG® test, specifically for pesticides, there is no secondary process for removing the pesticides or foreign matter. The oils failing the test are rejected. The science of these practices and standards is described in full detail here.

Net, other than the careful distillation of the oils from the plant material, no other processing takes place. They are aromatic extracts, nothing added, and nothing removed; they either meet the defined standard or they do not.


doTERRA focuses on education.

On their site, there are hundreds of hours of free education, guidance, recipes and other support for both oil users and those building businesses as wellness advocates.

The company-wide resources are supplemented by my team’s resources, from forums to weekly calls, and those who have businesses with doTERRA are amply supported.

Product support of any kind is one email or knowledgeable phone call away, and detailed PDFs for each oil can be found at doterratools.com.


doTERRA is helping us detoxify our homes.

I fully believe there is no need for toxic chemicals to clean your home. We do not need to risk spreading more toxins into our home and our bodies. My home smells and feels clean from my use of doTERRA’s On Guard home cleaner concentrate, laundry detergent, hand soap, toothpaste and bar soap.

On Guard is a signature blend of the following CPTG® essential oils: Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. It is a powerful plant blend that is non-toxic, biodegradable which cleans and eliminates odors. I feel empowered to know that I am using Mother Nature’s gifts and feel confident that the oils are safe for me, my loved ones, and the environment.

I also use other individual oils to cover a range of other household and lifestyle needs, and Lemon Oil is one of many examples I will share about here.

I use lemon oil in my drinking water as a natural flavor and detoxifier, I use lemon oil to remove sticker glue and gum from any surface, I also use lemon oil in my oil diffuser to clean the air and support respiratory health.

Before eating, I soak all my fruits and vegetables in water with a few drops of lemon oil to remove any coatings or dirt; and I also call on lemon oil as a natural polish for silver and other metals along with using it as a natural furniture polish. Lemon oil removes stains on my counters and walls that are left by spices, ink, paint, crayon and also makes a great addition to my recipes as I can swap out the call for lemon zest with lemon oil.


doTERRA is committed to Co-Impact Sourcing worldwide.

doTERRA scours the entire globe to find the best locations to grow the plants for each oil; and, the company partners with local farmers whose families have been growing and harvesting that specific plant for generations.

They then forms cooperatives, teaching the farmers about improved growing techniques, harvesting and distilling methods, and therefore educates and elevates their quality of life.

Partners are paid in above fair wages and doTERRA often brings in the Healing Hands foundation to support and improve the community as a whole. You can visit doTERRA.com and click “Our Caring” to explore projects in Bulgaria, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Guatemala, Haiti and Somaliland.

As we enjoy and share the benefits doTERRA, we are providing thousands of jobs globally, therefore changing the lives of families and helping develop communities.


doTERRA provides empowerment and connection.

As a wellness advocate, not only do I get the benefits of earning an income by working with a company whose value system mirrors my own, I have been empowered as a woman, as a teacher, and as a business person.

I am part of a team of women and men that I am able to connect to socially, in a safe and supportive environment, where we learn and explore together. My weeks are full of connection as I meet with my fellow team members via video, text, phone or in person. They all remind me of why this was such a great choice to become a wellness advocate, as not only have I improved my own health and the health of others, but I am part of an ongoing personal development program.

My yoga and meditation students, my Reiki healing clients, my family, my friends, and my neighbors have all vastly benefited from the choice I made to join doTERRA and live a more empowered life. The shifts that have come into this past year since joining have been profound and impactful, and I continue to study, learn, and teach about essential oils each and every day.

And, it was all by chance that my long time, long distance mentor, Elena Brower, invited me to join her team. I am deeply grateful for her invitation as I have seen my life, and others lives and families positively shift because of the knowledge I have thus far received from this experience.

One of my most favorite recent change stories is from a college friend, who was visiting me here in Tuscany. When he arrived, I noticed he was walking around a little strangely, but I did not say anything at the time.

Later on, in a yoga class I was teaching, he mentioned that he could not tuck his toes, and only after the class did this lifelong athlete and coach explain more. Here he was, at age 40, and had been experiencing severe arthritis in his toes for the past three years.

I looked up an essential oil recipe, created the recommended solution, and he and the essential oil blend returned to California the following day.

Three days later, I received a text message. He told me he was starting to tuck his toes again without agony, and as a new yoga teacher himself, said he could start doing and teaching poses with tucked toes because he could show his students what to do.

THIS is why I do what I do. I know the oils work for me, and for others. 

I teach essential oil classes online and in person in Italy, and wherever my travels take me.

If you are interested in joining a class in person or virtually, or hosting me to teach a class for your own private group, or you would like to have some more information to think about….please complete the contact form below.


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If you are joining us, know you have joined a community of likeminded individuals who are living more naturally and empowering their lives, their households and their families with essential oils.

I know you will love it!

After you have joined membership, I will personally be in touch with you very soon to get you started on your journey and introduce you to our growing global community.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of doTERRA Oils in your home or wellness office, or consider a business as part of our growing team, fill out the form below.

I teach classes online and in person and am happy to set up a free 30 minute wellness consultation to discuss your health and wellness goals.

As a collective, we have generated hundreds of incredible wellness initiatives for individuals and families. Together, we are creating a community of leaders, and opening new avenues to financial freedom.