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Read some love notes from my beautiful clients and students below…

Ho iniziato a fare Yoga a 20 anni. A fasi alterne ho continuato a praticare fino a 40 anni cambiando diversi insegnanti finché non ho incontrato Jen…la sua profonda preparazione, la sua professionale disponibilità nel seguirti in questo percorso filosofico ed energetico e la sensibile conoscenza del mondo orientale hanno fatto vibrare la mia anima fin dall’inizio. Lasciarsi andare all’insegnamento di Jen è pura energia che si continua a respirare durante tutto il giorno. Con il cuore e con la mente ci guida in questo meraviglioso viaggio che è lo Yoga.

I started doing Yoga at age 20. At alternate stages, I continued practicing up to age 40, changing several teachers until I met Jen … her profound preparation, her professional willingness to follow you in this philosophical and energetic path, and the sensitive knowledge of the Eastern world made my soul vibrate from the beginning. To let go and receive Jen’s teaching is pure energy that keeps one breathing all day long. With the heart and mind guiding us in this wonderful journey that is Yoga.


Jen is more than a yoga teacher because she is also an intuitive, a healer and an advocate of Ayurveda. Attending her classes was transformational and I learned so much from the experience not just about yoga (although that is work in progress) but also about how to best live my life on my own terms by listening (and not ignoring) my inner voice.

As we walked together on our journey (Jen and I), I attended private Reiki and yoga sessions which Jen tailored to my needs. She is a warm, empathetic and kind soul whose presence on my journey made me aware of my personal strength and power as a human being.

An exceptional woman who is not afraid to walk her talk.


Erano anni che cercavo di fare yoga, avevo sempre trovato insegnanti che facevano solo attività di “stretching”. Poi, per caso ho incontrato Jen ed ho immediatamente sentito che in lei c’era qualcosa di piu’, di altro. La mia anima ha trovato sollievo con yoga, reiki e i suoi oli essenziali. Jen è la mia insegnante di anima.

For years I tried to do yoga, I had always found teachers who were only doing “stretching activities”. Then, by chance, I met Jen and I immediately felt that in her there was something more, something else. My soul has found comfort with yoga, reiki and essential oils. Jen is my soul teacher.


Somehow the Universe just knew, and so seemingly at random, I was led to Italy. There, within the safe embrace of Lucca’s medieval walls and amongst the rambling cobblestone alleyways, I stumbled into meeting Jen.

I have been deeply grateful ever since, thank you Universe.

Jen is a source of joy, strength and wisdom. In my short stay, I treasured every moment in her class where you feel entirely welcomed and accepted, safe and yet challenged all at the same time. I can offer no higher praise other than to say that I learnt and grew and smiled and I am grateful. She is a source of warm and bright energy in the world.

I hope the universe leads you to her as well.



Yoga has become part of my life and with Jen, it seems that it is endless, there is always something to learn, to improve and to understand.  

I love how Jen develops her lessons, a perfect balance between mind and body.

 Thanks to Jen, I know what’s happening around, with the stars, the moon and nature…she always gives so much to think about. That’s what I like the most: a practice that goes together from a thought through the breath.  

All our lives are so crazy and frantic, but I know that when I come to Jen’s class it’s the necessary ‘me’ time and that I can connect not only with myself but also with nature.  

My practice has grown incredibly; Jen has been following and supporting me in challenges: running a half marathon, giving relief to my sore joints during some hard training; she also made me more conscious about my diet and helped me to get more focused in my daily life. 


I attended Jen’s Spain Retreat and I had very few expectations of this retreat as I had no knowledge of the location to speak of prior to going there. 

I have to say it was beautiful and the yoga with Jen is life changing and inspirational. She not only is a great teacher of the various asanas, she expands your thinking and confidence each time and teaches in such a way that you gain knowledge of yoga and how it has evolved too.

I would highly recommend a retreat with Jen, it was inspirational and the landscape also adds an indefinable element that one has to experience for oneself.


After many failed attempts at a consistent yoga routine, I have finally found a class I can and will stick to.  This is due to Jen’s focus, energy, and teaching.  She calmly and gently guides the class through body opening poses all the while reminding us to breathe which is something we all forget to do.  

I feel energized, strong, and focused at the end of every session and look forward to the next one instead of dreading yoga as I had in the past.  I also had a Reiki session with Jen.  She expertly addressed the problem areas I was dealing with in my chakras while finding other places on her own to help heal and open that I did not even realize I was dealing with.  

Her energy was tangible from the moment she began and I felt electrified and safe all at once under her care.  As a professional Opera singer, my biggest issue was a hiccup in my deep breathing.

Jen tenderly led me to the issue, helped me address it, and gave me the final push I needed to let it go.  I felt a closure and peace that I had been seeking for quite a while.  I highly recommend Jen’s Reiki sessions with all my self.


Jen is the best yoga teacher I have come across in over a decade of living in Italy. She has helped me deepen my practice in significant and important ways.

Jen is caring, generous, tranquil, engaging, clear, down-to-earth and relatable, while at the same time extremely professional.

One private session of yoga with her feels like getting twenty group classes at another studio. After practicing with her I always feel entirely rejuvenated.

I am unspeakably grateful that she is teaching here in Tuscany.


What a treat for Jen to enter my life! 

After completing my Reiki Level One Training, I felt so much richer in terms of my self awareness.

Anyone can take a Reiki Course, even if you do not have any idea what Reiki is from the beginning. Jen answers everything you ask her about in such a good & understandable style. Her teachings compare the information with things you really can relate to, and it was very easy for me to learn. Her methods also encourage you to ask any kind of questions and leave you hungry to learn even more.

Jen has such a warm personality & desire to make us aware of our own importance in this world, and in this life.

I also attended a private study course in Tuscany with Jen. She created a custom learning program where I could take time to study, practice and also spend time enjoying La Dolce Vita in Tuscany.

No day was the same and I always had time to explore both myself and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Italy. Jen had scheduled my stay to be “the best of both worlds”-I learned more in depth details about yoga, practiced yoga & meditation daily and also had a vacation!

Even though we live in different countries, Jen continues to keep in touch with me & guide, advise & help me keep going with my practices.  I feel I can reach out to her no matter what. 

Everyone should have “a Jen” in their life.


I did a retreat with Jen in Tuscany. It was a great week. I could focus all my attention on my yoga practice.

Jen is a very precise and attentive teacher. I decided to work on my core and shoulders this week, but I learnt a lot about plenty of other topics to increase my confidence and the effectiveness of my practice.

We were encouraged and empowered to address self-care and how to keep this practice with us in daily life. I already recommend this week to my friends who know that they should take care of themselves but struggle to make it real in their daily life.

I think people with any yoga level can benefit from such a week. Everyone can benefit from a practice that explores more depth, precision and slowing down to balance his or her karma.

Jen encourages you to grow. You’ll learn and feel at the right place at the right time.

She knows the body very precisely and has very good advice related to injury. She’s very spiritual, but suggests that you make your own way.

She shows possibilities.


Jen’s classes have a connection that allow us to share her gift and her light for yoga.

Classes are physically and spiritually rewarding and I would highly recommend them for all levels.

I’ve yet to find another teacher that provides the same balance and harmony as Jen. She shines. I am very grateful to have shared her guidance.


Jen is such a good teacher for any level of yoga practice. Her approach is very personal and I advanced considerably with her attention to detail. Her classes are very interesting and stimulating. I highly recommend her!


I truly enjoyed my yoga retreat with Jen.

We had the chance to practice different styles of yoga but there was also a lot of meditation and personal development. The villa was very nice and the food was excellent. Jen has been looking at all details to make sure we all had a great experience, and I thought the week was very well organized.

As a yoga beginner, there was a lot I could bring home, especially the desire to start practicing regularly. I have a smile in my face whenever I think about the retreat.


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