• transitive verb •

a: to make free from injury or disease; to make sound or whole. b: to make well again; to restore to health.


Reiki [pronounced Ray-Key] is a Japanese name that means guided life energy, commonly known as Universal Life Energy.

It is multi-faceted healing modality that addresses the health of the physical body, which is a reflection of our energy body. Patterns, old stories, habits, and experiences coping with loss can get “stuck” within our energy body, and eventually the energy will manifest as dis-ease in the physical body.  When the our energy is clear and balanced, our body will reflect the same.

For example, if one suffers from stomach upsets, ulcers, fatigue, diabetes, or adrenal issues, this is related to our self-empowerment energy. Issues with self-confidence, self-respect, depression and being closed off to life connects to this energy center. Once this energy is balanced and cleared, one is able to fully step into their right “to stand in their power” and take action in their life. Physical issues can be relieved immediately, or depending on the depth of the suffering, relief can be found after several sessions.

Reiki not only addresses our physical ailments, not caused by outside trauma, it can also be utilized to help us with our own spiritual growth. It can be utilized to help us with our dream manifestations and meditation practices.

Guided by the wisdom of the chakras, meridians, auras and the systems of the human body, Reiki works with the “Universal Life Energy”, which is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. The Japanese characters that represent the word Reiki are translated as Rei=Guided and Ki=Life Force Energy, that which animates life.

Reiki is a “hands on healing” technique in which the healer holds their hands above or on the body.

The depths of Reiki reach far beyond the hands as it extends to all levels of energy within and around the body. A treatment can last an hour or longer depending on the client assessment. Reiki helps to harmonize your body, mind and spirit allowing you to rebalance and fully experience your “wellness consciousness”.

Based on my own powerful experiences with Reiki and working with clients from all backgrounds, the continual feedback I receive is that Reiki allows us to feel lighter, brighter, more vibrant and clear sighted about life.

Reiki Sessions first begin with a consultation and then healing treatment is applied based on the dialogue between patient and healer.

I hold a Reiki Master Certification within the Usui Lineage. Over the years, I have developed a unique combination of Reiki Healing and Restorative Yoga, that offers my clients optimal healing, balance and renewal. I also offer Reiki Healing alone.

As a Reiki Master, I offer Level 1, 2 & Master level trainings and initiations throughout the calendar year.

Trainees are invited to stay at my homebase in Florence, Italy to study in a personal one-on-one level or small group environment.

Larger trainings may be arranged at your location. Please contact me for bookings.

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