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Discover how essential oils can…

– release stressful feelings in seconds.

– relieve pain & discomfort in your body.

– give you glowing skin.

– take your mood from dreary to cheery.

– improve your sleep.

– balance your energy & bring you back to your center.

…and more.

jen warakomski
jen warakomski


Discover how essential oils can…

– release stressful feelings in seconds.

– relieve pain & discomfort in your body.

– give you glowing skin.

– take your mood from dreary to cheery.

– improve your sleep.

– balance your energy & bring you back to your center.

…and more.



When you enhance your wellness rituals with essential oils, you’ll experience:

better moods,
improved sleep,
balanced hormones,
relief from digestive issues,
reduced sad & anxious feelings,
balanced emotions,
stronger immunity,
fewer toxic chemicals in your home,
…and much more!

Living in partnership with Mother Nature’s gifts will change your life.


Our lives are so crazy and hectic, but I know that when I take care of myself with essential oils, it’s “me” time when I can connect not only with myself but also with nature.


jen warakomski

Here’s what happened when I started using doTERRA essential oils.

I have been working with essential oils for over 20 years.

As a yoga teacher and Reiki energy healer, they are an integral part of my work. However, when I discovered that I had hormonal imbalances in 2016, it was the pure quality of doTERRA oils that helped me recover & restore my well-being.

Now I work with essential oils in so many areas of my life – from my glowing skincare routine to cleaning the house!



Essential oils can support your WHOLE YOU – body, mind & spirit. Read below for some helpful ways to use them.

But first, what are essential oils?

Essential oils are distilled from the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and fruits of a plant.

They give plants their characteristic smell and act as the plant’s immune system.

Along with their beautiful smell, essential oils are historically noted to be human’s first form of medicine. They have a long history of use for food preparation, beauty treatments, and numerous health practices.

These days, we still use them for a wide range of applications. They support our emotional well-being and physical health.

All the research shows that our health is negatively impacted by the extreme amount of chemicals in our lives.

This is why more and more people are choosing to essential oils as natural solutions to support their health and well-being.

Here’s where quality, standards and purity become more important.

Think of it this way – you can pick up dinner at a fast food place, or you can go to your farmer’s market to buy something fresh from the source.

What you buy at the farmer’s market is way more clean and delicious, without all the processing and additives. Same thing goes for essential oils.

This is why the doTERRA difference is important.

Why doTERRA essential oils?

  • All doTERRA essential oils are CPTG – certified pure therapeutic grade. Each batch of oils is tested 7 different ways to guarantee you maximum safety.
  • Unlike the oils you see at the mall or in the supermarket, they contain no fillers, artificial ingredients, chemical substitutes or contaminants.
  • Their harvesting methods are strict and controlled.
  • They source their oils from around the world in the native environment where each plant grows the best. They only harvest when the timing is perfect.
  • To date, doTERRA essential oils are by far the safest & most beneficial oils available in the global market.
  • Their essential oils & products are considered reliable and recommended by many medical professionals.
  • doTERRA oils are used in hospitals & clinics in the United States – and many other countries around the world.
  • To ensure quality and purity, doTERRA only sells their oils through Wellness Advocates (like me) who will teach you how to use them. The oils you see sold on websites like Amazon are usually counterfeit – they can actually hurt you instead of help you.
  • To learn more about doTERRA’s ethical & sustainable sourcing model & global community development, visit here.

How to use doTERRA essential oils

doterra diffuser


When you use an essential oil “aromatically,” it means you experience the properties or “aroma” of the oil through the air. Aromatic use typically includes breathing in or inhaling an essential oil, allowing the scent to interact with your mind and body.

doterra essential oils


Using essential oils topically offers significant benefits for the skin while simultaneously providing aromatic benefits. Essential oils can provide soothing, calming, warming, cooling, or energizing feelings for your body. Topical usage allows the you to target specific areas of your body (apply the oil where it hurts).

oil drop


Internal use of essential oils is very specific to dōTERRA as purity is critical when ingesting an essential oil. Using oils internally as a supplement is a method that is best used when you have specific area of concern that can only be met by ingesting. For internal use, use veggie capsules and start off with 1-2 drops of each oil needed.

ways to work with essential oils

doTERRA essential oils are natural remedies that have specific (scientifically proven) beneficial properties and each oil or oil blend is effective for different therapeutic purposes.

  • They are used in aromatherapy as pain relievers, stimulators, rebalancers, anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, expectorants. They promote the balance of the immune system and are excellent for skin care, digestive, cardiovascular and cardiovascular problems. The oils also help to rebalance your vital energy and organ function (lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, etc.).
  • Essential oils are also useful to regulate metabolic activity and act as stimulants or inhibitors for the endocrine system for managing your hormones.
  • They are not only effective on a physical level, but are extremely beneficial to your emotional and psychological levels.
  • There are oils that work with your nervous system, which creates energizing or calming functions. They alleviate the effects of stress and some essential oils are also useful in restoring your circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycles), making them ideal to treat insomnia and promote better sleep patterns.
  • The wonderful characteristic of essential oils is that they can be used for different purposes.
  • For example, you can use lemon oil to flavor your food, purify the air in your home, clean the house, and bring more focus and concentration to your mind.

Life becomes easier when you have a single essential oil that offers several all-natural solutions.


Bring harmony to your body, mind, and spirit.

Essential oils provide immense and versatile support for your mind, body and soul simply, safely and naturally.

There are no wasted efforts in Nature – everything has its purpose. It’s the way Mother Earth intended.

We often intuitively reach for plants to ease our ailments, settle symptoms and enhance our wellbeing.

  • We know that smelling lavender helps us feel calm and can induce a good night’s sleep.
  • We know that peppermint soothes our digestion.
  • We know that lemon kickstarts our metabolism and helps our body detox.

But perhaps you’re not aware that:

  • Frankincense calls in relaxation, clarity, and glows up your skin.
  • Clove zaps unwanted microbes and boosts immunity.
  • Rosemary applied topically can help reduce cellulite and fluid retention.
  • Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac.
  • Lemongrass stimulates your lymphatic system, cleanses your energy field, and purifies the air when diffused.
doterra lavender


Essential oils perfectly compliment your yoga and meditation practice, help balance your Chakras, and cleanse your aura.

As you can see, you have many ways to work with oils – all you have to do is start!

Check out my blog for more in depth descriptions about what I mention here.


What do you get when you purchase doTERRA essential oils through me?

Supporting your health & lifestyle with essential oils has never been easier…and I’m here to help you learn how.

Membership Benefits

When you choose to work with me you’ll receive:

  • My support and oil education, plus access to our private online resources and communities
  • Wholesale prices on all products (25% discount)
  • Ability to order online anytime
  • Membership perk: Get 10-30% of your order back in product points to cash in for free products on future orders
  • Member-only promotions (which includes free oils and buy one, get one free offers)
  • A free bottle of Peppermint when you renew your annual membership
  • A welcome package and personalized membership overview with me. We’ll talk about your membership, perks, and I’ll answer any questions.


How to purchase

You can buy oils online through my website link – the directions are below.

I am here to support you all the way.

Read the steps to get started and please do not hesitate to contact me in the form below so I can help you.



doTERRA works as an annual membership – you buy everything online through your account.

The membership costs $35.00 / €24,50 per year for a 25% discount on all products.

There are two enrollment options for you to choose:

OPTION 1: Buy oils & products a-la-carte
Purchase your 1 year membership & buy oils and products at the wholesale price (25% discount)

OPTION 2: Buy an enrollment kit
Your annual membership is included (free) when you purchase an enrollment kit.

The Enrollment Kits are intelligently bundled collections of the most widely used essential oils & products. When you buy a kit you save even more than if you bought the oils individually at their wholesale price.

NOTE: Purchasing a kit is 100% optional. You can also start by purchasing your annual membership and buy individual products a-la-carte.

You have several kit options to choose.

Follow the step-by-step directions below to get started.


Let’s talk to find out what’s best for you.

Fill out the contact form below so we can arrange a call.

I’ll help you choose which oils and products are best for your current needs and budget.



It’s time to celebrate YOU for taking charge of empowering your health and wellbeing.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Click HERE. 
  2. Choose your language and country.
  3. Select “Wholesale Customer”
    Please do not enroll as a Wellness Advocate – this is important. If you ever want to upgrade, you can, but I ask that we have a conversation about this first. This ensures I can support you as best as possible.
  4. Enter your personal information.
  5. In the “Enroller ID” section, make sure my ID # 3463764 is displayed. Click “Verify” and you will see my name (Jennifer Warakomski). 
  6. Choose your password.
  7. Click to the next page.
  8. Select what kit you’d like to order.
    NOTE: If you want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, select the $35/€24.50 membership Introductory Booklet (this is your one-year wholesale access pass). Next, add your products by typing the product name in the empty space in the search field or shop by category.
    When you purchase a kit your membership fee is included (free)
  9. Enter your payment information and process your order
  10. You’ll receive a confirmation email and I’ll be notified that you’ve enrolled. Soon after you enroll, I’ll email you to set up your welcome call, make sure you know how to get started using your oils, both safely and effectively, and welcome you to our community.**Consider adding a bottle of fractionated coconut oil to your kit order, if your kit does not have it already included. This ensures you can safely dilute the oils. You can also add additional oils or products to your first purchase, Wild Orange is always my first recommendation.



When you join doTERRA through me, you get access to my incredible Essential Wellness community, updates, newsletters and personal support.

Together we are a group of like-minded people who value supporting our health and well-being in natural and effective ways.

We all want to feel great, reduce our toxic load, and consciously create something bigger than ourselves.

It’s a real wellness movement that not only supports ourselves, but greatly supports our farmers and small businesses around the world.

Membership has its benefits!

Once you enroll, we’ll set up a zoom meeting for you and I to talk about your questions, and get you started on exactly how to use your essential oils.

We’ll come up with a plan for you to best utilize your new purchases and maximize your benefits.

Get ready to feel inspired and empowered to naturally take care of you and your loved ones.

Every week I offer educational videos on Facebook Live in my private Essential Wellness group to help you understand the benefits of all the oils and products.

If you prefer to not be on facebook, we also have a private website for members who join through me. I also share my monthly doTERRA news.

Your entire journey is vastly supported so you can learn about how these plant essences can address almost anything in life.

You might start to hear the phrase “there’s an oil for that”, and it is true!

Personally, there is no greater privilege than sharing the benefits of how essential oils can support you on your wellness journey.

I look forward to welcoming you to my community!


If you have questions about which oils to start with or if you are working with something specific for your health – write me in the space below to schedule a quick call.

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